Our Property Maintenance Services 

If you’re looking for peace of mind with the servicing and maintenance on your existing rental portfolio, future property rentals, or just your main residence, then get in touch with Root Property Maintenance. 
We’re your all-in-one solution for any ongoing property maintenance needs, with highly trained contractors, and the best products and materials, to suit a range of budgets. 
We’re also not like your other builders – many builders won’t look at quotes below a certain size or won’t reply to people just looking for general repairs. We’re here for you, and we’ll look at jobs of any size, and our extensive property maintenance services cover it all, including… 
Carpentry work  
General maintenance carpentry as well as bespoke projects 
Boiler Service 
From annual servicing to boiler checks and installations (Gas Safe Registered) 
Electrical Work  
Investigate, Repair, Replace. Any type of electrical installation, fully serviced and maintained 
Plumbing work  
All plumbing work undertaken, from leaks and blockages to installations 
Cleaning, repairs, and maintenance 
Window cleaning and window-fitting services 
Gardening and Landscaping 
Routine gardening for gardens of all sizes 
All fencing work carried out from repairs to replacements 
Roof Repairs 
We cover all aspects of roof repair from replacing tiles and redressing lead, to repointing chimneys 
Chimney Sweeping  
Annual checks and cleaning provided 
Log Fire/burners 
Keeping you warm with servicing and installation of your wood-burners and fires 
We’ll handle servicing and installation for your high-end range 
Painting and Decorating 
Our professional decorators are highly experienced in all aspects of painting and decorating 
Kitchen and Bathroom 
We cover installations and maintenance of kitchens and bathrooms 
Handyman Service 
Covering all minor works from picture hanging, curtain hanging to door hanging 
Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) 
We ensure that all your property maintenance requirements are identified and managed, allowing you to enjoy your property 
Holiday home maintenance and facilities management 
Bespoke services and support for your holiday home, Airbnb, or rental property 
Out-of-hours call-out  
Peace of mind for all property emergency requirements, any time 
Property Maintenance Checklist 
Every property is built to last, but no building can stand forever on its own. There needs to be a system of maintenance in place on any property to ensure that it remains upright, and where it’s easy for professionals like us to be able to spot these little issues before they become big problems, you may not be aware of the indicators. We’ve compiled a list of checks for you to help spot gremlins in and around your property. 


• Inspect when it is raining and note leakages 
• Clear any blockages 
• Check rear side of pipes with a mirror and look for cracks and corrosion 
• Are pipes securely fixed to the wall? 
• Are there any signs of staining or algae growth, or any washed-out mortar joints, on the wall behind the pipe? 


• Inspections should be carried out twice a year 
• Are there any splits, tears, cracks, or holes in the roof coverings? 
• Look for signs of dampness on ceilings as a possible indication of roof leaks 


• Are all flashings fixed into the wall? 
• Check to ensure that the joints, where they are fixed, are in good condition 
• Ensure that flashings are dressed down and have not been blown or moved away from the surface of the wall 


• Check to ensure that ground levels are at least 150mm below the level of any known damp-proof course or 150mm below internal floor levels 
• Ensure that vents are not obstructed 
• Remove plants and vegetation abutting and growing on the building 


• Inspect and clear any debris at least every autumn (preferably more often) 
• Are there any leaking joints? 
• Does rainfall cascade over the gutter from the roof? 
• Does the water pool in any one area? 
• Do the gutters slope correctly towards outlets? 
• If gutters are fixed to timber fascia boards, check the condition of fascia boards and at the same time soffit and barge boards 


• Are the chimney stacks or chimney pots leaning? 
• Are any chimney pots out of position? 
• Is there any vegetation growing out of the chimney? 
• Check for cracked, loose, or bulging stones or bricks, and badly eroded or open joints 
• Arrange for a close inspection promptly if any of the above is noted 


• Inspections should be carried out every autumn and preferably more often 
• Check that drainage gullies are free from silt, debris, vegetation, and other objects 
• Make sure that all gully inlets are covered by a grating 


• If made of timber or metal, is the paintwork in good condition and is there any decay? 
• Check for bare timber, especially on thresholds, sills, and lower and underside areas of window sashes 


• Inspections should be carried out twice a year and after storms or high winds 
• Debris on the ground will give an indication of roof problems 
• Are there any loose, slipped, broken or missing slates or tiles? 
• Is there a lot of moss? This could block gutters and damage slates and tiles 
• Look for signs of dampness on ceilings as a possible indication of roof leaks 


• Are any of the ridge tiles missing? 
• Check to see if there are any gaps between each ridge tile and arrange for close inspection if necessary 


• Is there deep erosion or missing pointing in the joints? 
• Are there any cracks? 
• Look for defects in stonework, brickwork and rendering 


• Check water and heating systems for leaks 
• Ensure that pipes are lagged 
• Electrical and gas installations should be regularly inspected by certified experts 
• Inspect chimney flues and ensure that they are clear from obstruction and do not leak 
If you’d like to download and print this checklist so you can tick off the points as you go, please click the button below for a handy printable version. 
We also offer 'Root Plus' monthly payment plans for all our property maintenance services. Click below for more details... 
If you would like to discuss a particular project or want some more information on any of the Group's services, please get in touch. 
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